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I’ve been doing a whole bunch of game programming recently, mostly in Lua (for recreation). And I keep on hitting uses for math.atan2(), mostly in things like vector work and collision/physics computations. Fortunately, most of the game engines are still on Lua 5.2 and so have math.atan2(), and those on 5.3 mostly to have thrown the necessary switch to retain the old math functions in the 5.3 build.

However, this left me wondering if perhaps the removal of math.atan2() was such a good idea, given Lua’s popularity in game engines. I really hate writing a library that depends on a function that I can’t guarantee will be in a distro. Yes, the hyberbolics are probably esoteric enough to be moved out, but perhaps math.atan2() should be re-examined for inclusion in the standard build again?

I’d be interested to see of anyone else has been using this function at all.