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2017-02-15 12:35 GMT+02:00 Egor Skriptunoff <>:

> Delimiters are usually part of the container, not part of the payload.
> In real life you are usually throwing away all packing materials
> of all the thing you have bought, isn't it?
> In your reasoning about Yang and Yin you implicitly assume that
> both options (whether result should include delimiters or not) have
> equal chances to be useful for user.
> You have completely forgotten that in most situations in practice
> you are spending your time to clear those delimiters away from the result.

Please don't call your own favourite use case "usually" and
"most situations in practice".

Mine is more typically a case where the source string is being parsed,
e.g. I wish to go from

y = a * ( b + c * ( d - e )) + f


t1 = d - e
t2 = b + c * t1
y = a * t2 + f