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Are you running this in ComputerCraft of OpenComputers? If yes then it could be an issue with the in-game OS.

On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 12:26 AM, Jerome Vuarand <> wrote:
2017-02-07 17:43 GMT+00:00 Fred M. Sloniker <>:
> I'm working on writing a program to help me make 'to-do' lists for
> complicated builds in Minecraft, and there's some simple error in the code,
> I'm sure. Unfortunately, the error I'm getting is "'lua: temp.lua:74: 'do'
> expected near '<eof>'", which, given what's actually at line 74, suggests
> the fault is somewhere else. Can anyone help? I pasted the code to
> .

This parses without problem with my build of Lua 5.3.4. Which version
of Lua are you trying to use?