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On Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 2:27 PM, chris beck <> wrote:
> If JS doesn't have destructors, finalizers, RAII, or any other such built-in
> language feature for the clean up of objects, then I guess you can just add
> explicit "release" methods to your JS representation of a lua object?
> Which would call `luaL_unref`, and tell lua that it is now okay to garbage
> collect that object. I mean presumably this is idiomatic in JS as you also
> will have to call "close" explicitly on file handles and such?
> Don't have much knowledge of JS myself but I never encountered a problem
> like this before -- I guess it should be workable somehow? JS is a very
> mature technology, and iiuc you'd have the same issue making
> bindings to any other garbage collected programming language.

Idiomatic JS sidesteps the whole mess by not offering any in-language
mechanism for it. If you have a resource that needs finalized, the
host environment needs to take care of that when JS GC's all of the

/s/ Adam