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that topic has been discussed on several places in the we (stackoverflow, etc..) and while people came up with some solutions, I haven't really seen anybody making a case against it. So I'm wondering if that behaviour could be build into Lua ...

What exactly do I mean?

consider the following layout:

a.lua has a require('b')

Now if I do the following:
# cd basedir/scripts
# lua a.lua

everything runs smoothly.  But if I
# cd basedir
# lua scripts/a.lua

I get an error that module 'b' can't be found because the searchpath is based of the current working directory.

How to deal with it?

Append the path of the currently executed Lua file to package.path (temporarily)
If we add the following (slighly hackish) code to loadlib.c:

// find location of current file
static void appendcurrentpath(lua_State *L, const char *pname ) {
  lua_Debug ar;
  lua_getstack( L, 2, &ar );  // needs safeguarding
  lua_getinfo( L, "S", &ar ); // needs safeguarding
  strrchr( ar.short_src, '/' )[1] = 0x00;  // cut off filename
  if (0 == strncmp(pname, "cpath", 5))
    lua_pushfstring(L, ";%s/?.so", ar.short_src );
  if (0 == strncmp(pname, "path", 4))
lua_pushfstring(L, ";%s/?.lua;%s/?/init.lua", ar.short_src, ar.short_src );
  lua_concat(L, 2);

and call that function from within *findfile:

static const char *findfile (lua_State *L, const char *name,
                                           const char *pname,
                                           const char *dirsep) {
  const char *path;
  lua_getfield(L, lua_upvalueindex(1), pname);
  appendcurrentpath(L, pname);              // insert the call here
  path = lua_tostring(L, -1);
  if (path == NULL)
    luaL_error(L, "'package.%s' must be a string", pname);
  return searchpath(L, name, path, ".", dirsep);

the path off the currently executed .lua file gets temporarily appended to path and cpath. Sure that will need some safeguarding. Would that make sense to have it in Lua?