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Hi all,


In fact three years ago when I was working for a network device chip company, My partner Alex Guo and I have released SmartSNMP agent on Github under GPL license as an open industrial project. We wanted to design a lightweight SNMP agent aimed to router device monitor on OpenWRT. The most prevailing Net-SNMP project is too large for me and its MIB are hard to customize. That is why we wrote SmartSNMP from scratch with no dependencies and as well as compatibility with client and trap daemon of Net-SNMP. Fortunately it had taken us nearly one year to make it work and contribute as one of the OpenWRT packages.

Two years ago I switched my job and still would like to contribute to SmartSNMP since I had heard some users wanted more advanced features like trap and encryption. However I was informed that they did not accept any contribution outside but got permission to develop the fork with the same license kept unchangeable. That promoted the rebirth of SmithSNMP.

Nowadays the development of SmartSNMP seems to cease and just now I have uploaded SmithSNMP to luarocks. But I am confused whether this project is death or alive. It is hard to find users and application in monitor software market with many occurrences of higher level monitor toolkits like zabbix, nagios and netdata as the most popular project on Github last year. SmithSNMP is too simple and low-level relatively.

But I have imagined this agent might be still have opportunities of application in small machines. With the SConstruct building, I have tried to build out the whole size of so file less than 40KB on 32bit platform by striping all advanced features and make it reserved as a bare SNMP daemon. I have imagined if we proceed to tailor Lua host in source, we are able to install the whole program into some tiny machines like sensors which play important roles in IOT. However I am not in the embedded industry right now and therefore this agent might be just an imagination.

I post here just to seek any who is interested in this project.

Best regards,
Leo Ma