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On 1/11/2017 11:08 AM, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
>> Whoa, I completely missed this because I usually trust 5.3.x versions
>> to bring no user-visible changes, so I didn't pay close attention.
> We thought it would not bring user-visbile changes. That is why we trust
> our user base to help us, testing release candidates when they are
> released. (This problem is there since rc1, many days ago...)
>> Are you aware that this breaks a lot of code out there? Every project
>> embedding Lua out there which relies on the environment paths will no
>> longer be able to find its modules.
>> To confirm my suspicions, I just installed Lua 5.3.4-rc2 in my system
>> and, as I expected, my desktop simply no longer starts, because I
>> happen to use Awesome WM, a window manager scriptable in Lua.
>> Please, do not make such a severely breaking change in a 5.3.x release.
> We did not realize that. It will be corrected.

I would like to see this brought back in 5.4, but with a different
implementation. I think that the 'luaL_openlibs' function should have a
noenv argument that would allow users to specify which behavior they
want. And if the only breaking change is picking 0 or 1 to specify to
this function, it seems acceptable to have during a 5.x version bump.