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It was thus said that the Great Roberto Ierusalimschy once stated:
> > Ah, that's better than what I thought of. Out of curiosity, did you
> > pass along the lua_State* to hascaptures to raise an error in case a
> > cyclical reference is encountered, or is it sufficient to return zero
> > at that point?
> It cannot raise errors. A cyclical reference is OK; it will happen with
> any recursive grammar (and the raison d'être for grammars in Lpeg is
> to write recursive patterns).
> As I said, the reason this bug is rare is because 'hascaptures' is
> called only after some other tests.
> > Also, will there be a new release soon?
> Probably yes, at least to fix this bug.

  Any information about this fix?  Someone brought it up with respect to my
email parser:

  And yes, it's still an issue.