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On 17-01-05 10:31 AM, Egor Skriptunoff wrote:
> But anyway, coding in Pascal is obviously easier:
> one can successfully solve the same problem using less efficient algorithms.
> Using Lua in HackerRank is harder.

I'm not fully agree with this.

In Pascal/C you'll spend time for problems requiring hash tables. Also
there are no sparse arrays (at least in Pascal/Delphi) so you have to
carefully preallocate arrays to stay in memory limit or implement
dynamic allocation. In Lua you may forget about this details (but in
change, you have to remember about garbaging).

Both in Lua and C/Pascal you have to implement long number arithmetics.
In Java AFAIK it is legal to use built-in long numbers support. So
probably Java is good for programming contests too.