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On 04/01/17 02:24 AM, 聂威 wrote:
dear list,

I have noticed that `table.unpack(list [,i [, j]])` will NOT regards the `n` field in the `list` table,

I know I can write it like this:

table.unpack(list, 1, list.n)

but will it be a good idea to make it read `n` field in table.unpack?

thanks and happy new year!


table.pack in Lua 5.3 manual:


      |table.pack (···)|

Returns a new table with all parameters stored into keys 1, 2, etc. and with a field "|n|" with the total number of parameters. Note that the resulting table may not be a sequence.


Here's a better idea:

Why not make table.pack return a table, the value 1, and the total number of parameters?

That way, table.unpack(table.pack(f())) is equivalent to f().

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