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Hi All,

I'm happy to announce the first release of mmdblua.

mmdblua is a lua library to read MaxMind's Geolocation database format.
This database is the most common source of Geo-IP data; you'll
probably want to download a database from Maxmind.

The mmdblua library was something I originally wrote back during the
2013 lua workshop as a quick side project, but as I've recently found
out there are quite a few people and projects using it. Recognising
this, I did a bit of code cleanup and figured I should tag a release.
I'm sorry but I haven't had time to write documentation for the
library yet, so it won't be super friendly for new users.

  - This release:
  - Homepage:
  - On luarocks:
  - Free GeoLite2 database:
  - Me: