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On 12/16/16 10:42 AM, Daurnimator wrote:
Hi All,

I'm happy to announce the first release of lua-http.

lua-http is a library that hopes to provide all HTTP operations you
should ever need.
In addition to all the low-level parsing and serialising operations
you might expect,
lua-http provides high level interfaces for writing your own HTTP
server or performing HTTP requests.
I'd endeavoured to make behaviour as configurable as possible yet have
sensible defaults.


   - Support for HTTP versions 1, 1.1 and 2 (yes! HTTP/2 support)
   - Provides both client and server APIs
   - Friendly request API with sensible defaults for security
   - All operations are fully non-blocking and can be managed with cqueues
   - Support for WebSockets (client and server), including ping/pong,
binary data transfer and TLS encryption.
   - Transport Layer Security (TLS) - lua-http supports HTTPS and WSS
via luaossl.
   - luasocket compatibility API if you're looking to use lua-http with
older projects.

Check the manual to learn the API, or read through and run the samples
in the 'examples/' directory in the source tree.

This release has been a long time in the making!
For an unreleased library it already has over a hundred stars on
Github, and has had contributions from 5 others.
I'd like to give a special thanks to @RussellHaley, @ChickenNuggers,
@leafo, @vavrusa and @torhve for being early users and providing
feedback, as well as @wahern for dealing with all my cqueues and
luaossl feature requests.

   - Release page:
   - Homepage:
   - Documentation:
   - Bug tracker:
   - On luarocks:
   - Examples:
   - Me:


Congrats on the release! Excited to see the possibilities this will open for all the Lua projects out there.

-- Thibault