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It should be quite easy. The changes to the VM are minimal and mainly
handle JIT dispatch. If you're curios, you can run `make lua-patch` from
the project's root directory to get a patch file of the changes.

If you want to also modify the JIT to handle your new bytecodes, it's
going to require a bit more work. You could start by just calling out to
a function (from JITed code) that just "does the right thing".
Performance isn't great but it's enough to get things going.

If you do try to integrate this VM, I'd be very interested to know how
it works out. One of my goals has been to keep maximum compatibility
with PUC Lua.


On 14/12/16 11:24 AM, Charles Heywood wrote:
> This sounds neat. For FusionScript, I was going to add a few bytecode
> operations; how hard would it be to integrate it with this version of
> the VM instead?
> On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 9:15 AM Leonardo <
> <>> wrote:
>     Hello list,
>     I have been working on a JIT compiler for Lua 5.3 called Lua Vermelha
>     that leverages the Eclipse OMR compiler technology
>     ( The goal of the project is to develop
>     a JIT that can be easily integrated into the PUC-Rio Lua VM. The JIT is
>     built using the Eclipse OMR JitBuilder framework.
>     The project is still in its infancy and not ready for production
>     environments. It's far enough along though that I wanted to share it so
>     others can follow its progress and (hopefully) contribute.
>     The code is available here:
>     Any feedback, suggestions, and offers of help are welcome.
>     --
>     Leonardo
> --