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On 14/12/16 10:50 AM, Pierre Chapuis wrote:
> December 14, 2016 4:15 PM, "Leonardo" <> wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I have been working on a JIT compiler for Lua 5.3 called Lua Vermelha
>> that leverages the Eclipse OMR compiler technology
>> ( The goal of the project is to develop
>> a JIT that can be easily integrated into the PUC-Rio Lua VM. The JIT is
>> built using the Eclipse OMR JitBuilder framework.
>> The project is still in its infancy and not ready for production
>> environments. It's far enough along though that I wanted to share it so
>> others can follow its progress and (hopefully) contribute.
>> The code is available here:
>> Any feedback, suggestions, and offers of help are welcome.
> Unless this is a different project, someone for your team
> submitted a talk at the FOSDEM Lua DevRoom about that project
> and we accepted it. We are still waiting for his confirmation,
> but if all goes well it should be presented there.

This is indeed the same project. I am not able to attend FOSDEM myself
(sadly) so someone else is presenting the project for me.