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It was thus said that the Great Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov once stated:
> >   Can you not then change the make invocation to do
> Technically, I can do everythng :)
> But patching makefile at prepare phase requires less coding.
> Because, If I'll go by "calling make with custom arguments" way, it will 
> require redefining both compile and install phases with custom make calls, 
> instead of oneliner in prepare phase.

  A few more questions:

1) What about environment variables?  Would doing the following help?

	LUA         ?= lua
	LUA_VERSION  = $(shell $(LUA) -e "io.stdout:write(_VERSION:match '^Lua (.*)','\n')")
	LIBDIR      ?= $(LUA_DIR)/lib/lua/$(LUA_VERSION)
	LUADIR      ?= $(LUA_DIR)/share/lua/$(LUA_VERSION)

Then you could set $LUA (and $LIBDIR and $LUADIR) since that seems to be all
you change in the Makefile (and these are the ones LuaRocks define for use
in Makefiles).

2) Maintainer of my package?  Who (or for what) are you maintaining it?  It
must be working for you since I haven't heard of any issues yet ... (well,
except for this one).