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On 2016-12-03 00:37, Sean Conner wrote:
> That means you have to edit LUAVER manually.  I fixed that by doing:
> 	LUA         = lua
> 	LUA_VERSION = $(shell $(LUA) -e "print (_VERSION:match '^Lua (.*)')")
> I have Lua itself tell me what version it is.

Better would be

LUA_VERSION = $(shell $(LUA) -E -e "print (_VERSION:match '^Lua (.*)')")

or maybe (because 5.1 doesn't have -E)

LUA_VERSION = $(shell $(LUA) -e
"io.stdout:write(string.match(_VERSION,'^Lua (.*)'),'\n')")

LUA_INIT (if defined and not disabled by -E) runs first and can
add/remove/replace a lot of things.  Don't depend on print producing
"dumb" output if there's LUA_INIT.  (The Lua REPL uses whatever _G.print
is to output results, so my 'print' colors values by types, adds
metatable info etc. etc. - resulting in some really funky directory
names if used like that!)

-- nobody (probably not the only one with a colorful REPL)