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Am 30.11.2016 um 16:00 schrieb Hisham:
Hello, list!

I'm happy to announce LuaRocks 2.4.2. LuaRocks is the Lua package
manager. (For more information, please visit )


I started to compile LuaRocks myself some versions ago, and continued to do so because 'luarocks install luarocks' always failed. Here is the latest try (on Linux, as root):


#luarocks install luarocks
Warning: variable CFLAGS was not passed in build_variables
mkdir -p "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/bin"
cd src/bin && \
luaver="" && [ -n "$luaver" ] || luaver=`/usr/bin/lua -e 'print(_VERSION:sub(5))'`; \
for f in luarocks luarocks-admin; \
do \
   cp "$f" "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/bin/$f-$luaver"; \
   chmod +rx "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/bin/$f-$luaver"; \
ln -nfs "$f-$luaver" "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/bin/$f"; \
mkdir -p "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/lua/luarocks"
cd src/luarocks && for f in fs/tools.lua fs/unix/tools.lua fs/unix.lua fs/win32/tools.lua fs/win32.lua fs/lua.lua persist.lua list.lua require.lua repos.lua dir.lua make_manifest.lua command_line.lua config_cmd.lua install.lua build/command.lua build/cmake.lua build/make.lua build/builtin.lua fetch/cvs.lua fetch/git.lua fetch/sscm.lua tools/patch.lua fetch/svn.lua tools/zip.lua tools/tar.lua pack.lua type_check.lua make.lua remove.lua fs.lua manif.lua add.lua deps.lua build.lua search.lua show.lua manif_core.lua fetch.lua unpack.lua validate.lua cfg.lua download.lua help.lua util.lua index.lua cache.lua refresh_cache.lua loader.lua admin_remove.lua fetch/hg.lua fetch/git_file.lua new_version.lua lint.lua purge.lua path.lua path_cmd.lua write_rockspec.lua doc.lua upload.lua upload/api.lua upload/multipart.lua fetch/git_http.lua fetch/hg_http.lua fetch/hg_https.lua fetch/hg_ssh.lua fetch/git_https.lua fetch/git_ssh.lua; \
do \
d="/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/lua/luarocks"/`dirname "$f"` && \
   mkdir -p "$d" && \
   cp "$f" "$d" || exit 1; \
luaver="" && [ -n "$luaver" ] || luaver=`/usr/bin/lua -e 'print(_VERSION:sub(5))'`; \
mkdir -p "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/lua/luarocks"; \
lprefix=`echo "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/lua" | sed 's,/lib/luarocks/.*,,'`; sed "s,LUAROCKS_PREFIX=.*,LUAROCKS_PREFIX=[[$lprefix]],g" /usr/share/lua/$luaver/luarocks/site_config.lua > "/usr/lib/luarocks/rocks/luarocks/2.4.2-1/lua/luarocks/site_config.lua"

Error: File already exists: /usr/bin/luarocks_2_3_0_1-luarocks-5.3

The message in the last line looks somewhat strange to me. Maybe you can make sense of it.