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Awesome, thank you William. I put that somewhere in a corner of my mind and will have a deeper look at it when I'll have time to improve the Lua-i18n Makefile portability.

Le 01/12/2016 à 12:40, William Ahern a écrit :
On Wed, Nov 30, 2016 at 06:49:21PM -0800, William Ahern wrote:
On Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 11:59:46PM +0100, mathieu stumpf guntz wrote:
Ok, thank you William, I'll go with `!=` for now and possibly investigate in
way to make it even more portable later.
FWIW, this construct,

  DATE = date
  V = $(shell $(DATE))$(DATE:sh)
  	@printf "%s\n" "$(V)"

worked on all the systems I tried, including

 - Solaris Make (Solaris 11.3)
 - bmake (FreeBSD 10.2)
 - OpenBSD Make (OpenBSD 6.0)
 - NetBSD Make (NetBSD 7.0)
 - GNU Make 4.1 (Ubuntu Xenial)
 - GNU Make 3.81 (OS X 10.10)

I played around with this a little more and got pretty far. The following
code should work on all the above (bugs notwithstanding). It will
automatically guess SOFLAGS if it's not defined from the command-line. It
uses several different techniques for conditional evaluation, plus the above
trick for shell substitution.

true_or_false.true = true
true_or_false. = false

OS.is_aix.aix = true
OS.is_aix = $(true_or_false.$(OS.is_aix.$(OS)))
OS.is_darwin.darwin = true
OS.is_darwin = $(true_or_false.$(OS.is_darwin.$(OS)))
OS.is_freebsd.freebsd = true
OS.is_freebsd = $(true_or_false.$(OS.is_freebsd.$(OS)))
OS.is_linux.linux = true
OS.is_linux = $(true_or_false.$(OS.is_linux.$(OS)))
OS.is_netbsd.netbsd = true
OS.is_netbsd = $(true_or_false.$(OS.is_netbsd.$(OS)))
OS.is_openbsd.openbsd = true
OS.is_openbsd = $(true_or_false.$(OS.is_openbsd.$(OS)))
OS.is_sunos.sunos = true
OS.is_sunos = $(true_or_false.$(OS.is_sunos.$(OS)))
OS.is_sun = $(OS.is_sunos)
OS.is_bsd = $(OS.is_freebsd:false=$(OS.is_openbsd:false=$(OS.is_netbsd)))
OS.exec = uname -s | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'
OS.guess = $(shell $(OS.exec))$(OS.exec:sh)
OS = $(OS.guess)

SOFLAGS.darwin.true = -bundle -undefined dynamic_lookup
SOFLAGS.darwin.false = -shared
SOFLAGS.guess = $(SOFLAGS.darwin.$(OS.is_darwin))

	@printf "OS=%s\n" "$(OS)"
	@printf "SOFLAGS=%s\n" "$(SOFLAGS)"