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On 29/09/16 04:35 PM, Dirk Laurie wrote:
2016-09-29 21:16 GMT+02:00 Soni L. <>:

On 29/09/16 03:26 PM, Egor Skriptunoff wrote:
IMO, "string.sub(index_from, index_to)" will be more handy if "index_from
= 0'
would mean "the index after the last character"
instead of "the index before the first character".
("index_to = 0" should mean "index before the first character", as it is
currently implemented in Lua)
Don't you mean to say Lua should add a special-case for -0 and go against
the rule of treating 0 and -0 as equal?
It would have to be -0.0 in Lua 5.3.

Lua 5.3 needs to special-case negation on 0 as well then.

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