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Ravi ( is a dialect of Lua 5.3 with LLVM based JIT
compiler and limited optional static typing.

I am pleased to announce that the alpha 0.17 release of Ravi is now

The principal changes in this release are:

LLVM 3.9 support added.

Support for 32-bit integer/float configuration was contributed.

An updated version of a Visual Studio Code debugger extension was
created. The extension is available in the Visual Studio Code
extension marketplace. You can debug standalone Ravi/Lua 5.3 scripts
using this extension. This is still work in progress but the basics
are working.

Ravi has been tested against LLVM 3.9, 3.8 and 3.7. LLVM versions 3.6 and
3.5 should still work but have not been tested.

For full details and previous release history please visit: