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Quoting Daurnimator (2016-09-13 03:58:25)
> On 12 September 2016 at 21:24, Adrián Pérez de Castro <> wrote:
> > The lua-itertools module provides a collection of functional utilities to use
> > with coroutine-based iterators. One of the main goals is to provide composable
> > functions which work well together. Parts of the API are loosely based on some
> > of the Python builtins (e.g. map, filter), and the itertools [1] module.
> >
> > So far the module includes functionality that I have needed myself. I am open
> > to add additional functions — even if it's just a suggestion, contributions
> > are appreciated :-)
> Do you know of luafun?
> Although you wouldn't think it from the copy, it doesn't require
> luajit, and works well with lua 5.1 through 5.3.

Oh, the description for luafun was certainly misleading then: I understood
that it requires LuaJIT. I have been playing with it a bit now... and while
it's nice and works well, I get this feeling that the API is forcing me to
write clunky code:

  for it_, element in iter( ... ) do
    -- "it_" is internal state to be ignored

I would rather use a coroutines like in itertools, and keep the iteration
state in variables local to the coroutine, which makes the loops look nicer:

  for element in iter( ... ) do
    -- no internals are "leaked" outside of the iterator

Thanks for letting me know that luafun works in stock Lua, though! :-)


 ☛ Adrián

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