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Hi list,

since the latest "lqt" win binaries I found were based on Qt 4.8.4, and
compiled with MinGW, whereas the Lua 5.1. version I use on Windows is
linked against MSVC2005, I thought it might make sense to provide
binaries based on the latest Qt4 version (v4.8.6) and linked against

If you are not aware, "lqt" is a Qt4 port that allows to create
cross-platform GUI applications completely in Lua (in contrast to
"QtLua", which is meant to enhance Qt/cpp-based applications with Lua

The scripts used for generating the binding code needed for compilation
come from Michal Kottman (, so all the
credits go to him. I only spent a couple of hours to compile the stuff...

To compile with MSVC, I had to use an older version of lqt
since the later versions killed MSVC support (by allowing to call
protected Qt methods from Lua, which in my experience isn't really that

Here the binaries (unfortunately for now without QWebKit, I'm still
fighting with this beast...):

The ZIP file includes a Lua port of Qt4's demo application "TextEdit" -
a GUI-Text/"Rich Text"(=HTML) editor - as standalone application for
Windows, based on a single Lua script of about 900 lines. I slightly
enhanced Qt's original "TextEdit" with "drop files from Explorer"
support, UTF16-support (only if BOM available) and OpenOffice (*.odt)
export. Here a screenshot: