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On Sep 9, 2016 8:04 PM, "Leinen, Rick" <> wrote:
> I’m confused with stmt:step().  What does it do?  I read about it and did a couple of experiments, but it still doesn’t make sense.
> Also, I don’t see sqlite3.ROW listed at  Should I be looking elsewhere?

You can think of step() as executing the select and returning one row. The "core" Sqlite3 API for selecting data is designed to be used roughly this way:

stmt = db:prepare('SELECT ...')

-- optionally stmt:bind* to set '?' values
while stmt:step() == sqlite3.ROW do
  -- A single row of resulting data has been processed.
  -- Access column data using stmt:get_*

stmt:finalize() -- if you won't use stmt again
-- or
stmt:reset() -- if you want to re-run stmt again

There are several Lua-style iterators in the API that simplify this for you, some without you needing to 'prepare' a statement beforehand, such as db:rows().