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Quoting Phil Leblanc (2016-08-28 20:29:51)
> I have added a rockspec to my small NaCl module [1]
> [1]
> This is my first time with Luarocks and making a rockspec, so let me
> know if anything is wrong or not idiomatic.
> Also, I am confused about the rockspec being tied to a specific tag.
> - do I need to create a new tag and a new rockspec each time I change
> something?
> - is there a way to create a rockspec for "the last version" (master HEAD)

You can create a “*-scm” rockspec which will pick the current HEAD of a given
branch (“master” by default). Here's an example:

Note that for this kind of rockspecs, the URL for “development” modules has to
be passed to LuaRocks when installing:

  % luarocks install --server= <name>


 ☛ Adrián

P.S. BTW, good work with the TweetNaCl binding!

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