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LDoc[0] does Lua documentation, like its original inspiration LuaDoc.
It supports the original notation but with shortcuts, and tries as
hard as it can to deduce documentation from Lua source code.[1]. You
can specify the type of arguments, and there are convenient shortcuts
(i.e. '@string s' instead of '@tparam string s').

It is of course available through LuaRocks, or the zip/tar balls from Github.

The focus for this new release is fixing bugs and generally making
errors clearer and more definite, rather than silently mangling the
output. The '--testing' flag makes reproducible testing much easier,
and that is definitely an area I'm interested in expanding.

I want to particularly thank all the people that opened issues and
submitted PRs. Please revisit open issues and see if they have been
fixed. If there are any nasties interfering with your workflow then
I'll do a final 1.4.6 (i.e. consider this a RC).

We are still looking for a new fresh look for the templates and style
sheets. Here I'm in your hands, since I am not particularly talented
in visual design. People have come up with some pretty cool custom
style sheets, so if you don't mind sharing them, please contact me so
we can get a gallery going. I'm not against 'active' documents with
searching etc as long as it remains optional and doesn't spiral into
an npm love fest.

Another concept I'm interested in following is doing a half-decent job
of documenting Lua code that has not been specifically marked up.


[1] (Since there are many possible Lua code styles, it might not
understand yours  - you can switch off argument deduction completely
with --no_args_infer).

[2] If @ irritates you, there is 'colon mode' where you can say
'string: s' instead - see tests/styles/colon.lua