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On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 3:59 AM, Robin Gareus <> wrote:

> Mid-term we'll need a website to index and curate scripts. If someone
> here could share experiences with other projects that do that, that'd be
> appreciated.

Not clear whether you're thinking about a scripts download site or
publishing raw script code.

On the downloads end, we've done something along those lines with
scripts for the NoteCase Pro outliner. [1] I'm not very satisfied with
it because of the lack of categorization.

On publishing raw script code, you might download the zip posted here
and take a look. [2]. That's a hasty export from NoteCase Pro to
framed HTML of circa 220 scripts and 50 dependency chunks. They're
part of a very much in-progress plugin for NoteCase Pro that I'm
developing. The scripts when executed from NoteCase Pro are in a
pop-up hierarchical menued script launcher and are all embedded in a
single NoteCase Pro document.

I've put a lot of work into categorizing the scripts in a hierarchy
that is both descriptive and shallow for fast navigation. Of course,
I'm not suggesting that you use the same categories or to generate
your site with NoteCase Pro, but it approximates what you might do
with something like PUC Rio's WebBook module, which is far more
attractive than the NoteCase Pro vanilla framed HTML export and adds
some bells and whistles . [3] There are other site generator tools out
there with a similar appearance, some with even more bells and
whistles such as search. You'd probably want to throw into the mix a
syntax highlighter.

There is usually also the Lua Snippets web site to look at, although
its server seems to be down at the moment. [4].

Hope this helps,


[1]. <>.

[2]. <>. (This page will
be removed in the near future.)

[3]. <>.

[4]. <>

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