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On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 4:02 PM, William Ahern <> wrote:

For example, Rust developers (including the architect of Rust's new futures
construct) claim that Rust's failed green threading experiment is evidence
that stackful coroutines are not a practical or preferable construct for a
language like Rust. But that argument is, IMHO, a mindblowing
misunderstanding of coroutines. Green theading and coroutines are as
different as green threading and functions. All three involve details of how
the call stack is managed and how control flow is passed, but only green
threading required massive changes to their standard library, a dependency
on an event loop, and all the other things that caused that experiment to
rightly and foreseeably fail. Stackful coroutines could have been a zero
cost addition to Rust--irrelevant if you didn't use them but extremely
powerful and efficient when you did.

Have you brought this detailed argument to the Rust community? 

They're smart, very responsive, and *really like* zero-cost abstractions.