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The Penlight team is very pleased to announce a new release of
Penlight, which is a collection of general-purpose libraries.
Originally it started as an exercise in practical Python nostalgia but
has since moved on to cover most areas.  This release is a solid
fix-up release making sure that the functionality does in fact match
the promises of the documentation.

Most of the credit for this goes to Peter Melnichenko who has become
co-maintainer. I'm pleased to say that we get bug reports and good
quality pull requests from many people, such as Dennis Schridde,
Christian Walther, Jordi Vilalta Prat, David Feng, Páidí Creed,
Bart.van Merrienboer, and others.

Consider this a RC - i.e. any changes and fixes in the next few weeks
will be wrapped up as 1.4.2 and luarocks updated.

Available as usual through luarocks and as a zipball [0]; docs are
online at [1].