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On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 4:43 PM, Egor Skriptunoff
<> wrote:
> Probably, you have different fonts for different console windows?
> CP_UTF8 does not work if your console window has raster font selected
> (such as "Terminal").

You're right, I didn't have a True Type font selected on my
terminal. Using "Lucida Console" works, even though it doesn't
have the "snowman" character. It displays a single "missing
character" square for the snowman with both

    WriteConsoleA(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), "snowman:
'\xE2\x98\x83'\n", 15, NULL, NULL);


    printf("snowman: '\xE2\x98\x83'\n");

after setting the console code page to CP_UTF8. I'd never imagine
that the console refuses to change the codepage to UTF-8 just
because of the selected font, but that's what it seems to do.

So, back to the original question: Lua's print() works perfectly
fine with UTF-8, just be sure to use a True Type font on the
console and call


at the start of the program (but really, be a good citizen and save
the old codepage to restore it at the end of the program, like in
your example).

- Ricardo