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On 06/08/16 05:30 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Soni L. once stated:
On 06/08/16 06:19 AM, Tim Hill wrote:
A more interesting question .. why do you need this? And, for your
need, have you explored other ways to solve the problem within the
existing Lua language?
I've used recursive pseudo-anonymous functions before. _SELF would make
them easier to use.

   local function inside_anonymous(args, I, should, take)
   return inside_anonymous
   You just need a Y-combinator:

	function Y(f)
	  local function g(...) return f(g,...) end
	  return g

	print(Y(function(rec, x)
			if x < 2 then
				return 1
				return x * rec(x-1)

   That will allow you to call an anonymous function recurively from within
the anonymous function.  No need for _SELF in this case.

   -spc (Now, about that _SUPER ...  )

That doesn't solve the dynamic variable indexing issue.

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