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I am pleased to announce an update to the Lua / Ravi 5.3 debugger
plugin for Microsoft's Visual Studio Code. Details of this plugin can
be found at:

The debugger can be installed from Visual Studio Code by the extension
installation facility - search for 'Lua and Ravi 5.3 Debugger'.

New in this release is better handling of global variables. As Lua
predefines a number of globals including functions and tables, I have
split the globals view into two sections: one shows the pre-defined
Lua globals and the other view shows user defined globals. Also
support has been added to allow expansion of tables in the globals
view. Tables can be expanded to only one level of drill down in all

In this release pre-built binaries are included for Windows 10, OSX and Ubuntu
Linux - all 64-bit, and interpreter only. I am not sure if OSX and
Linux binaries will work for everyone - if it does not then please let me know.

There is still a lot more work to do but if anyone cares to try this out and
send me feedback then please do!

By the way - my impression of Visual Studio Code is very positive. It
seems fairly easy to create plugins for languages and debuggers.