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On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 11:26 AM, Jean-Luc Jumpertz <> wrote:

> Yes and no. Reducing the cost of the GC would benefit to many applications where responsiveness is important like games or UI-intensive applications, and this seems to be the main goal of ‘transaction oriented GC’. Determinism in the release of local resources can come as a consequence in specific cases

There is no requirement that deterministic release of resources is ALWAYS possible. This is in general impossible even in languages without garbage collection (where that is manifested as various leaks).

It is sufficient that there be a clear set of conditions which imply determinism; your proposal is exactly about defining when collection is deterministic. In fact, you just need to say that in certain use cases every collectable object is an expensive resource, then your proposal is exactly about deterministic release of expensive resources.

> I think we should not consider both as the same subject.

"Not necessary but sufficient" means exactly that, "not the same thing".

But because it is sufficient, it is important to have deterministic finalization referenced.