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> It is up to Roberto and LHF to decide whether it's worth adding
> further clarification or rewording on this topic in the manual, but
> still the observation is valid feedback.
> -- Hisham
I learned lua by structuring and rewriting language reference in paper
notepad (without C part however). And did not met any difficulties with
understanding this case. Reading language reference however reveals
obscurities usually avoided in guides/books like PiL.

For example[format [, time_num]]) returns formatted _string_
with time. Or _table_ if string <format> contains "*t".

For example string.dump(f) returns load()-able string with function <f>
code dump. (But why it is in "string" module? Let's then add
string.sha256(), string.haval(), string.aes()...)

For example why in v5.3 still present table.pack(...) when we could use
"{...}"? Moreover it sets ".n" field which usefulness is doubtful for me.

I think documentation is fine, problems in design. Solvable problems.