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On Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 6:19 PM, Martin <> wrote:
Almost painlessly cloned repository, compiled code and ran a demo. Spent
most time investigating library names to install it with "sudo
apt-get..". At the end found that list in README :)

Most functions code fits in screen, that's nice sign.

> Hello everyone!
> I am searching for a library to build simple gui apps in Lua and it
> looks like most used GUI framework is wxLua.
> But has anybody used tekUI? Can you share your impressions?
> tekUI web page:
> Best,
> Pavel

For GUI stuff I've used lgi, a binding to GNOME introspection. It basically provides GTK, GDK, and other GNOME libraries' API to Lua. It's not the most friendly (since it's a direct translation of the C API) but it's very powerful, and not too difficult if you're already familiar with that API from another language.

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