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It was thus said that the Great Alexey Melnichuk once stated:
> > Ah, but we use pcall for that - try/except in Lua would be sugar for that idiom.
> > Sugar is fine when it does not have any runtime costs (e.g. a:f(b) is
> > short for a.f(a,b)) but in this case a closure would be silently
> > constructed.
> May  think  about  short  from to define function. For me real problem
> with  `try(function()...`  is  that  word function is too long. I do not
> bother much about create closure and do 2 more calls. At least in most
> cases. But word function is really annoying :)

  I have become convinced that the reason LISP has macros is to hide all the
calls to (lamba ...).  

  -spc (So you might want to look into MetaLua ... )