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I have updated the version of the Visual Studio Code Debug
Adapter for Ravi and Lua 5.3 at

The debugger can be installed from VSCode by the extension
installation facility - search for 'Lua and Ravi 5.3 Debugger'.

This new release implements the 'step over' and 'step out' functions using the
strategy I outlined in (

The installation includes a binary for Windows 10 64-bit so on this
platform it should just work.

You can also run the debugger on Mac OSX but you will need to build
the 'nojit' version of Ravi yourself from the latest source
( The debugger executable
(ravidebug) must be in the PATH for it to be found by the VSCode
extension which is simply a shell script.

I have not tested on Linux yet but in principle it should work the
same way as OSX.

There is still a lot more work to do but if anyone cares to try this out and
send me feedback then please do!