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> I do not see any issue here.
> newlines are insignificant in lua. your example is the same as:
> print("hello")(function() print"world" end)()
> i.e.
> 1. call print with "hello",
> 2. call the result of that with an argument of a function
> 3. call the result of that with no arguments.
> As the result of print is nothing; at step 2 you attempt to call
> `nil`, and hence get the (correct) error message.

And if you want to call a annoy function or methods on string or other
literal (need parentheses), you use add a ; before, like this:

print "hello"
;(function() print "world" end)()

Xavier Wang.

Oh, I got it. I just understand. It's not a bug but corner case.
Thank you :)

Kawahara Satoru
College of Information Science
University of Tsukuba