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> Lua 5.3.3 (rc1) is now available for testing at
> Lua 5.3.3 fixes all bugs listed in
> Lua 5.3.3 also contains several internal improvements and includes a
> revised reference manual:

Follows a short list of what changed in 5.3.3:

- bug fix: metatable with self reference
- bug fix: label between local definitions
- bug fix: 'gmatch' iterator x coroutines
- removed useless stack check in 'table.sort'
- small correction in stack space for 'luaL_checkstack'
- lots of comments for code generation
- better treatment of signals x hooks (signal safety)
- new semantics for empty matches ("Python rule")
- use of '__name' in more error messages
- 'error' does not coerce numbers to strings
- conversion string->number always accept a decimal dot
  (besides the locale mark)

For the future:
- string.format'%q' for numbers, booleans and nil
- os.time corrects table fields

("For the future" are small changes that actually break our rule
of "no new features" in new releases of the same version :-)
They do not go into the manual and stay as unofficially supported
features until the next version [or until being removed...].)

-- Roberto