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Hi Folks,


We have observed a crash in while using Lua. I haven’t determined the cause yet. I’m just wondering whether it could be a bug in Lua itself. I’m attaching the trace dump.


The crash occurred because an array that is Null is accessed. In method ‘traversetable’, line number 181 (markvalue(g, &h->array[i]);) results in the SIGSEGV because h->array is Null.


(gdb) print L->l_G->gray->th.l_gt.value.gc.h

$93 = {next = 0x2d8f2e0, tt = 5 '\005', marked = 4 '\004', flags = 0 '\000', lsizenode = 6 '\006', metatable = 0x0, array = 0x0, node = 0x2d92710, lastfree = 0x2d92c88,

  gclist = 0x2d8f2e0, sizearray = 4332}


(gdb) print *L->l_G->gray->th.l_gt.value.gc.h.metatable

Cannot access memory at address 0x0

(gdb) print *L->l_G->gray->th.l_gt.value.gc.h.array

A syntax error in _expression_, near `array'.


Have you observed something like this before? Or is it the problem with our code. Please let me know if you need more information.




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