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Hello Luciano!

It seems that Sailor could interest you (, it has 
most of the characteristics you mentioned but the community is very small.
(I'm the lead developer)

luarocks install sailor
sailor create "my app"
cd my_app/
lua start-server.lua


If you want to check some others, I've made a list on the Lua.Space blog:


2016-05-01 16:38 GMT+02:00 luciano de souza <>:
Hello all,

Having been far from Lua for a long time, I would like to evaluate a
solution for web development. The desired characteristics are:
1. Good support - I know that I will have doubts, so a strong support
community is desirable;
2. Good documentation - Sometimes I find project with very good and
simple examples, but the quality of documentation implies hard skills
to review codes;
3. Easy instalation - The availability in Luarocks it would be the
best news for me;
4. Easy configuration - If it' possible to use with an simple embeded
server as it succeds in Python or PHP, it's very intersting to make
easy the first contact;
5. Simple code - MVC based frameworks could be a good option to
simplify the development, specially, if the option has a ORM;
6. Sqlite support - It's not essential, but really desirable.

Regarding these criteria, listed in the priority order, what is the
framework you could choose?


Luciano de Souza

Etiene Dalcol

Software Engineering student at ENSTA Bretagne and PUC-Rio
Sailor Developer
Lua Ladies Founder