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I've released Luacheck 0.14.0. Luacheck is a linter for Lua,
detecting accidental globals, unused variables and values,
unreachable code, etc., see

To install it with LuaRocks, run `luarocks install luacheck`.

New in this version:

* Duplicated keys in table literals are detected.
* Unused recursive and mutually recursive functions assigned to local
variables are detected.
* Globs can be used to select paths when applying option overrides in config.
* Inline options can contain notes in parentheses.
* `--jobs` option (multithreading) is used by default with LuaLanes
found, number of threads used is set to number of available processing
* Better error messages are provided on I/O and other errors when
reading files, loading configs and rockspecs, etc.
* Better path handling when recursively checking directories ending with slash.