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It was thus said that the Great Peter Aronoff once stated:
> I do essentially the same thing, and I think it is (relatively) common.
> I first got the idea from a blog post[1] and I wrote up how I do it in
> C modules as well[2]. (My method is just a variant of yours.)
> [1]:
> [2]:

  I'm really replying to [2].  There, you wrote:

> You certainly wouldn’t write a C module only to export constants or
> strings to Lua.

  Well, yes, I would.  In fact, I did.  Twice.  There's org.conman.env [1],
which is a module that just creates a table of all the environment
variables, no functions whatsoever.  Then there's org.conman.errno [2] which
is nothing more than a table of system defined errors (like EDOMAIN, ERANGE

  -spc (As I learned, never say never)