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2016-01-24 20:58 GMT+02:00  <>:

> I was heavily inspired by Ruby's standard library, but tried to avoid
> adding functions that are just simple aliases. My rule was, if it can't
> be done in one line of Lua code, write a new function for it.

The others have all been too polite to say this, but if you took an hour
or so to browse the list archives and wiki on with search
terms like "split", "strip", "trim" etc you'll find that:

1. Very similar things have been done many times before.
2. Almost every newbie celebrates newly acquired Lua skills
by writing them.
3. Influences from the newbie's previous favourite language
4. Almost every Lua programmer prefers to roll his own, even
when as in Penlight or Microlight the library is very well organized
and written by a Lua expert. So posting it somewhere and hoping
that it will get used is wishful thinking. Trying to persuade the Lua
team to include it in the next Lua is even harder.

So my immediate reaction is "nice, nice, now you can go and
write some real Lua code for some real application". For instance,
user-friendly interfaces(not just crude bindings) to audiovisual file
formats, such as Peter Billam has done for MIDI.