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On 1/16/16, KHMan <> wrote:
> _Shirley_ folks working on programming computers can absorb a few
> rules... IMHO if they are coding Lua 5.3 and they don't know a
> thing about capabilities and limitations of floats and integers,
> then they are more like messing with a toy. If they want to write
> anything significantly complex, then absorbing knowledge and doing
> problem solving should become second nature.

I completely disagree :)
1. The user has his own problems, and it's using a programming
language to solve them. And the more significantly complex his problem
is, the less time and energy he will have for other people's problems.
2. The type is "number". Number should behave the same, always. The
fact subtype is a "sub"  means that no info should leak from there to
the type, or they would be actually two distinct types.