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January 2016 is a great time to release! so there we have the Third beta release of Ophal, which is now easy to install with Docker, got better cookie support, new defaults, more bug fixes along with other improvements.

Read on-line:

Yup! You can install Ophal with one command:

$ docker run --name ophal -v /var/www/ophal/:/var/www/ -tid develcuy/dev-ophal

More info at:

## New features

- Add Dockerfile
- Add functions: cookie_set() and cookie_parse() and remove dependency on CGIC library
- New Javascript function Ophal.t()
- Installer: Generate file vault.lua on phase 3
- UX: Show a default message when there are no comments to load
- UX: redirect to tag page from create/edit form on submit
- Allow to localize user interface text in comment module
- Add support for and include it into example settings
- Allow to configure the number of items per page of tag module
- Extend the tag entity. Add properties: language, description, changed.

## New defaults

New settings get added constantly, these are the new defaults:

- Move site.hash and db settings into vault.lua file.

## Bug fixes

- Bug fix: comments AJAX loader not rendered
- Bug fix: Tag edit/create page redirects to /tags route, which does not exists
- Bug fix: wrong variable check in content.js
Kind regards! 
Fernando Paredes García 
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