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Hi, All,

I just got an email from JPSoftware announcing their release of Take
Command v. 19.0. One of the new features is "Programmable tab
completion, using any scripting language supported by TCC (i.e., BTM,
CMD, Lua, Python, REXX, Tcl, etc.)"

Looking around the site, I didn't find much about the Lua support. But
there's an old announcment of an update to a Lua plugin.

I haven't used TC in years, but it was really neat when I did use it.
As was its predecessor 4DOS. As was 4DOS' predecessor, ZCPR (for

I'll add this to the Where Lua Is Used Page. But if anyone is familiar
enough with it to describe the Lua support, I'd appreciate the assist.

Best regards,


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