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> @number[] is a unary operator - the call to constructor may or may not
> happen inside the subexpr() that follows, so am not sure above is
> possible. But I do find that when the unary operator is processed, the
> current 'pc' is on OP_NEWTABLE instruction in the example above.

What does '@number[]' do?? Why does it need to access OP_NEWTABLE (given
that there may not exist one)?

> Is it always the case that a unary operator applies to the previous
> bytecode instruction?

No. Even the notion of "previous" is messy. What is previous to minus
in expression '-(a or b)'?

	1	[1]	TESTSET  	2 0 1
	2	[1]	JMP      	0 1	; to 4
	3	[1]	MOVE     	2 1
	4	[1]	UNM      	2 2

-- Roberto