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On 2015-12-10 20:12, Hisham wrote:

Minor detail, but using "false" to indicate no-error is something I've
never seen in Lua APIs. (It's common in C to mean 0 = OK, but `false`
as OK in Lua strikes me as strange). I think nil would be more
idiomatic there,

Yes - I meant value evaluated to false --- not false itself. Currently, lua_pushboolean() is a remnant of a previous version.

It would be nice if this function was implemented as part of a
standalone module that could be deployed separately, instead of
injecting into the standard `utf8` table. (It would be nicer for
distributing with LuaRocks, too). utf8check, maybe?

It was born as ad-hoc, light-weight solution to provide a valid string for existing functions. Everybody can take it and do whatever he want under Lua's Copyright Notice - the foo is not patent pending. :-)

-- best regards

Cezary H. Noweta