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Am 19.11.2015 um 15:28 schröbte Thiago Padilha:
Consider the following scenario:

I have a userdata "A" being referenced referenced by another userdata "B".
"A" has the __gc metamethod that can be used to schedule its removal from
"B", but note that the reference is not removed immediately, it is deferred
until a certain function "C" is called(This is how the library I'm working
with behaves). The problem is that if Lua frees "A" memory before "C" is
called, "B" will be left with a dangling pointer that can cause memory
errors when "C" is called later(It will be called for sure).

What I want to achieve is to defer "A" memory from being freed until C is
called. Is there a way to do this? I know that one option is to work with
userdata that simply references "A" and take care of freeing memory myself,
but I'd rather avoid this because it would need a lot of refactoring in the
project I'm working on.

This is probably your best option if the C call could happen after `lua_close()` because all memory allocated by Lua is released at that point.

If you can rule that situation out:
In your `A.__gc()` metamethod add the A userdata to a global table and remove its metatable (to prevent `__gc()` from being called again in Lua 5.3). Then remove the A userdata from that table when C is called.