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On 3 November 2015 at 16:49, Stefano <> wrote:
> As you guessed, I have upgraded ULua - A Lua distribution for Windows,
> OSX and Linux based on LuaJIT: - to
> include support for x64 [1].
> Unfortunately, a few rocks are not cooperative with 64 bit environments.
> I would thus be glad if you, rock maintainers, would be so kind as to
> assist by checking that your rocks are doing just fine.
> As usual, if your rocks appear in
> then all is good.
> Otherwise, will reveal the culprit.
> Feel free to question me here or privately.
> Stefano
> [1] Update using 'upkg update' (twice), set the environment variable
> BIT=64, and enjoy the new possibilities!

You still don't seem to consider OSX a BSD.